Sunday 12 June 2011

Rough Hubei turquoise choker

Despite how heavy this is (8 grams of silver, and these are pure copper beads, not plated crap) this is surprisingly light to wear. I played quite a bit to get the length right.

I had an interesting day at the Woodstock Farmer's Market yesterday. It started out super slow for everyone. And then all of a sudden, we were inundated with people -- guess people decided it wasn't going to rain after all (monsoons were in the forecast, and I think all it did was spit a few times). There were many new faces, too, something which is also puzzling a lot of the vendors. I didn't sell any big ticket items but there were queries about the turquoise. I did sell a lot of earrings yesterday, two, three pair at a time. Funny that that's what's been selling lately: mostly designs from two or three years ago. Means I have put down the murder mysteries and get busy replenishing the earring carrousel.

I also sold two long strings of pearls, one black and one white. Pearls sell very well. Maybe I should ditch the turquoise and silver and just sell pearl jewellery. Now there's a thought.

More transcription came in, due Tuesday, so I should get on top of that today. I have a pile of things to go through to take to Rekindled (the consignment store in Woodstock) either Tuesday or Wednesday, as well as drop off my long-overdue application to the new Woodstock Art Gallery gift shop which will open when they complete the move to the new premises on Dundas Street. Question: do I have any CDs to burn to and do I even remember how to do it? Do people really still use them? Gahhh.

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