Sunday, 12 June 2011

Rough Hubei turquoise choker

Despite how heavy this is (8 grams of silver, and these are pure copper beads, not plated crap) this is surprisingly light to wear. I played quite a bit to get the length right.

I had an interesting day at the Woodstock Farmer's Market yesterday. It started out super slow for everyone. And then all of a sudden, we were inundated with people -- guess people decided it wasn't going to rain after all (monsoons were in the forecast, and I think all it did was spit a few times). There were many new faces, too, something which is also puzzling a lot of the vendors. I didn't sell any big ticket items but there were queries about the turquoise. I did sell a lot of earrings yesterday, two, three pair at a time. Funny that that's what's been selling lately: mostly designs from two or three years ago. Means I have put down the murder mysteries and get busy replenishing the earring carrousel.

I also sold two long strings of pearls, one black and one white. Pearls sell very well. Maybe I should ditch the turquoise and silver and just sell pearl jewellery. Now there's a thought.

More transcription came in, due Tuesday, so I should get on top of that today. I have a pile of things to go through to take to Rekindled (the consignment store in Woodstock) either Tuesday or Wednesday, as well as drop off my long-overdue application to the new Woodstock Art Gallery gift shop which will open when they complete the move to the new premises on Dundas Street. Question: do I have any CDs to burn to and do I even remember how to do it? Do people really still use them? Gahhh.

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