Friday 24 June 2011

Flintknapped arrowhead choker

Mike Lothrop, who flintknapped this arrowhead, lives down the road from me. I have a pile of his stuff. Mike makes it look so easy -- eh, Stephan!?!?!

I should have taken a photo before wrapping this. I should also take it apart and rewrap it. It's a little lumpy. I was going to wrap it in fine silver wire but the "neck" part is so fragile, and I was also afraid of snapping off the wingy bits. Gawd, dontcha just love tech talk? Well, not the first time I've had no idea what I was talking about. Ha ha and ha.

My notes are a little sparse, but from what I remember, this is Onandaga style, the flint is from Vanessa, Ontario.

Here's some more info on Mike:

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