Wednesday 8 June 2011

Got more items listed on Magpie Gemstones

This is cool -- two more of my necklaces were listed on Magpie Gemstones' site the other day. There are so many beautiful designs there and I'm proud to be included.

I also got some transcription in so I'd best get at that. The bills never stop coming in, and they sure never decrease. Funny how that works, innit? The more we're told to conserve energy/water, the more the utilities companies find ways to ding us for even more money, to pay for their own fiscal mismanagement and lunatic executive decisions. Why are these people never held accountable? I use $15 worth of electricity a month in the summer, but my bill is over $90. How is that possible, or even fair???

In absolute terms, my wages have decreased; in fact I'm earning less now than I was back in the '70s when I first started working. So much for competing with India, where North America's transcription sector has gone. It's loooooong past time to find something else to do!

I found these cool wrought iron earring racks to sell at the market. I'm forever being asked to bring in jewellery racks, and I hope people will buy them. In any event, I will be using several of them on my table for my own stuff, as well as offering them for use where my stuff is sold in stores and galleries. I think it will be easier to separate out designs/materials thematically on smaller racks. The next trick is to get them up high enough so people can see them. I haven't tried the PVC pipe riser trick yet -- they're kind of funny at the market I go to, wanting every vendor's tables to be in a line and all the same height.

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