Sunday 26 June 2011

Lapis lazuli & turquoise necklace

Can't believe it took me all day to get this made. Sheesh. I've now used up all my remaining lapis lazuli heishi that I got a few weeks ago at Bamiyan in Toronto. I will be getting lots more. Handy handy stuff, and such a rich hit of colour for being so tiny, too. Same thing with the 5mm Hubei turquoise nuggets I get online from Magpie Gemstones. Just wish that stupid postal strike would end. No point in ordering anything from anywhere.

25" long Lapis Lazuli, Hubei turquoise, Argentium sterling necklace
Good news is I sold that wrapped arrowhead pendant yesterday at the market. Yay. Funny how that particular customer wasn't interested in the arrowheads when they were in their plastic bags, but leapt on this one as soon as I showed it to her made up. Guess I'd better get motorvating and do the rest up. ;-p

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