Saturday 18 June 2011

Truck... again

This is your 6:00 a.m. Saturday morning I'm-supposed-to-be-at-the-market-by-now-but-I'm-not update:

Well, I knew it would happen because yesterday was Friday and today it's 6:00 a.m. Saturday morning, a market day. Since the brake lines were done -- was it only last week??? -- I haven't driven anywhere other than to Woodstock twice (30 km each way) and Paris a couple of times (25 km round trip). I had great plans this past Sunday to go to KW to drop off silver but decided in the end not to. Good plan given today's fiasco because I would've had bigger problems if the rad had drained dry on the way back from KW out in the country on a back road. 

I decided last night as I was loading my market bins and bags into the truck to check the coolant level. It was down to half way in the overflow tank so I topped it up, and topped it up and topped it up... looked underneath the truck and it was peeing out just as fast as fast as I was pouring it in. I put the cap back on the tank and the vacuum created stopped the peeing. Of course, by the time I was outside doing this around 7:30 or 8:00, the guys in the garage had locked up and gone home. Like I said, it's Friday. Late on Friday. This is when vehicles crap out.

I started the truck a few minutes ago and... yep, it's still peeing. So now I'm missing the market today. I have stuff for people to pick up, plus Rene was going to pay me today. I just phoned her and she said she will drive here after the market to drop off what she owes me. I hope she'll have time to take me into Paris to the bank.

I have just enough money from another government GST rebate cheque that arrived over a week ago, before the strike, and what Rene owes me to get the coolant thingy head gasket whatever it is fixed. It's always the way. I was going to pay $300 to hydro and $400 to taxes this week, but nooo...

I'm supposed to go to the doc in Stratford for my annual physical on Tuesday morning, and that appointment had to be booked months in advance -- but I can go there ONLY if Jared the mechanic next door comes in today and has time to fix whatever is wrong now. I really need to go to the doc because I've run out of meds, the refills on file at the pharmacy will be expiring, not to mention my Trillium Drug Plan application to be reinstated is "in the mail"... not to also mention, I have lots of work coming in now, but... the postal strike means I won't get paid until it's over.

Just when I was starting to relax.

What the bloody hell is going on??? What am I doing wrong??? My whole life lurches from disaster to disaster. Geez.

Anyway... nothing to be done now except drink more coffee, read the newspapers and then get back to typing. Max has gone back to sleep on the couch. I didn't get any sleep at all last night -- too worried about the truck -- and now I'm too wired from coffee to even try to doze until Jared gets here (that's if he does end up working today).

Wish me luck.

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