Sunday 25 January 2015

Look What Followed Me Home Today!!!

I reeeeeally want to keep them.

The brown lines on the turtle-backed reindeer are made of tiny little pine cones. The detail in all of them is really great.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday 24 January 2015

Two Pyrite Chokers Today...

The market was actually busy today. The temperature being around zero C certainly helped. Never fails, in the dead of winter we get a day like today, even without the sun, sales will be good. Combination of mild temp AND sun? = a great day for sales.

This is what I made today: two chokers with some new 10mm pyrite heishi that just arrived. The simpler one I used dull coin silver spacers with a pewter skull in the middle. Still wondering if the skull should be larger. But... for now, I like it. The second choker I used brass spacers and threw on a brass Tibetan Om and skull pendant.

These items are both for sale, email me for price and availability. I have plenty of pyrite and other semi-precious beads and if you have a variation you'd like to see, just let me know.

Thanks for looking!

Monday 19 January 2015


Finally finished a month-long typing marathon at 9:40 on Thursday morning. Deadline was at 10 a.m. I like to cut it very fine. All I've done since is sleep. Finally, this afternoon I started making earrings... I'm trying for more colour. Sigh. Not especially good at putting colours together I must say, but V-Day is quickly approaching and I always end up surprised on the Friday to figure that the next day will be the last market before the big day. Ditto Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas Day... You get the picture.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday 10 January 2015

Jasper Fans...

I finished an aqua terra jasper fan necklace this morning for a customer. I tore my place apart looking for 6mm round beads that matched this particular blue. Everything I thought I had was either the pale greenish aqua terra, or the navy blue, or purple or fuschia/red. Arrrrggghhh...

Then I remembered that I'd made a necklace a year and a half ago that I think I remembered I hadn't yet sold, but to get to it I had to completely tear apart my market bins. Then -- ta da! -- I found a crocheted bracelet from, oh, at least three years ago, with the perfect 6mm rounds. Turns out I'd used 8mm beads on the necklace, anyway.

I had originally planned to put the rounds between the fan segments but that spread them out too much. This  necklace is very short -- only 16" in length, with a 1" extender. It might have worked with 4mm beads, but lacking those, I decided to only use the 3.5mm antiqued Bali daisy spacers to just give a titch of pop. The customer had already picked out the pewter clasp, so I couldn't really go for copper. I also didn't want to use something that would change colour radically.

And seed beads. I have bins and bins of seed beads. Do you think I could find the right blue? Phhht. Then I found a single string of handmade beads, can't remember when I bought them or even why, but their colour variation perfectly matched the variations in the fan segments when you held the necklace next to your skin.

Thanks for looking!