Saturday 10 January 2015

Jasper Fans...

I finished an aqua terra jasper fan necklace this morning for a customer. I tore my place apart looking for 6mm round beads that matched this particular blue. Everything I thought I had was either the pale greenish aqua terra, or the navy blue, or purple or fuschia/red. Arrrrggghhh...

Then I remembered that I'd made a necklace a year and a half ago that I think I remembered I hadn't yet sold, but to get to it I had to completely tear apart my market bins. Then -- ta da! -- I found a crocheted bracelet from, oh, at least three years ago, with the perfect 6mm rounds. Turns out I'd used 8mm beads on the necklace, anyway.

I had originally planned to put the rounds between the fan segments but that spread them out too much. This  necklace is very short -- only 16" in length, with a 1" extender. It might have worked with 4mm beads, but lacking those, I decided to only use the 3.5mm antiqued Bali daisy spacers to just give a titch of pop. The customer had already picked out the pewter clasp, so I couldn't really go for copper. I also didn't want to use something that would change colour radically.

And seed beads. I have bins and bins of seed beads. Do you think I could find the right blue? Phhht. Then I found a single string of handmade beads, can't remember when I bought them or even why, but their colour variation perfectly matched the variations in the fan segments when you held the necklace next to your skin.

Thanks for looking!