Tuesday 17 November 2015

I just got published in Jewelry Making Journal!!!

I just got the email now notifying me that my submission was published in Rena Klingenberg's Jewelry Making Journal. Please go check it out and sign up to subscribe. There's a ton of good information, tutorials and links to tutorials there.

Sharilyn Miller on Craftsy...

I just won this contest!!! for 50% off a video course from Craftsy presented by Sharilyn Miller via Pearl Blay's blog, the Beading Gem Journal. 
Bonus for me is that Craftsy has discounted all their courses over the American Thanksgiving, so my prize now means that the course is free for me. I highly recommend the two that I've been/will soon be learning from (and, no, I don't get any kickback from Craftsy, however, if you go here and click through to Craftsy, Pearl will get a commission on any sales).
As soon as I get back from The Gem Expo this weekend, I will be diving into Sharilyn's course and playing with my long-neglected torch. This means new stuff will be showing up on my table at the Woodstock Farmers Market in the run-up to Christmas, as well. 
While we're on the subject of the farmer's market, Jim and Jan Post of Caravan Candles will be occupying my spot this Saturday, November 21st, while I'm in Toronto, and we'll be sharing my tables up until Christmas, too. 
I'm also taking part in a Christmas fundraiser on Sunday, December 6th at the animal rescue office next door to the market at the Fairgrounds, deets to follow. 
See you there!

Saturday 7 November 2015

2 Quartz Pendants from Arkansas...

My pal Nancy, with whom I share the One of a Kind Antique Mall booth, lived in Tupelo, Mississippi, for a couple of years and would go digging for quartz crystals in red mud pits and hills in Arkansas -- and when the owners advise you to wear OLD boots, they mean it! I have to find the name of the place.

I've been meaning to wrap them for a while. They resurfaced in my own personal pit yesterday so I gave it a go (unfortunately, again with the pointless twiddles). I'm experimenting with different weave patterns and wire gauges.

Quartz Pendant 1 front and back:

Quartz Pendant 2 front & back:

Both are available for sale today at the Woodstock Farmers Market. I'll be there by 5:00 a.m. if anyone is up and interested in taking a look. Thanks for stopping by!