Sunday 19 June 2011

Beautiful day out & all I do is sneeze, so I stay inside... and pound the snot out of copper wire

Took Max out this morning on an inspection trip through the corn field, and then went on poop patrol in the backyard an hour ago -- all of it sneeze city. You know that itch that works its way way up your nose and into your sinuses and you can't blow it out no matter how you try? Gack. Easier to stay inside.

It still pisses me off that I'm permaparked again and missed the market in Woodstock yesterday. Got a ride into Paris in the afternoon to go to the bank and do a little grocery shopping. I'm getting pretty fed up with it.

In the meantime, I worked on typing pretty much all day yesterday and I've been pounding wire since about 8 this morning. I've finally sold everything I've done in wire! Only took two years. Time to get some more made, I think.

Copper squirms... or maybe that should be "squorms"; copper spirals with base metal spiral beads, handmade copper earwires

Spiral copper & Hubei turquoise teardrops, handmade copper spiral earwires

Showing how easily the earrings move
I've seen some beautiful work online. It's so much harder to do than it looks, especially making earrings, when ideally you want two identical but mirror image. One always manages to look wonky and the curves are more bent than sinuous. This is all I have to show for 8 hours of fiddling.

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