Wednesday 29 June 2011

Grand River Bead Society Annual Show, 15-16 October 2011, typing & berries

Yesterday I was inundated with typing. Of course, the universe doesn't like imbalance: regular weekly files that I'd rearranged my life to be available to transcribe on Thursdays and Fridays have all of a sudden been cancelled "until further notice". There goes my rent every month. Crap. If it hadn't been for this client, some months in the past year I'd have been lucky to make $100. On the other hand, it means I can maybe start doing the Thursday farmer's market in Woodstock again... but not this week, which of course is going to be a perfect sunny day. This TON of typing has to be done before Friday, which is the holiday day this year. Speaking of which, here it is, the runup to the July 1st long weekend, and there's rain in the forecast for the entire four days. There's the universe in action again, giving with one hand, taking with the other.

I've committed literally every cent I can scrounge at the moment to paying for a table at the 2-day Grand River Bead Society bead show in Guelph in mid-October. This year three critical things have changed: it's not on the same weekend(s) as two major gem and bead shows in Ancaster and Toronto; it's in a larger venue closer to Highway 401; and most importantly they/we are/I am going to advertise, advertise, advertise -- which I am doing here:

I picked about 30 berries last night at 7:30 when I got back from the library that weren't ripe when I'd gone out with Max at 11. By the weekend I'll be able to fill a container each day with enough for four jars of jam, they ripen so quickly once they start. This year, for funzies, I need to record how many jars I get -- I'll need to drag out my cane to pull the berry branches (stems? canes?) down to where I can reach -- they must go up 10 feet now. Certainly they're taller than the eavestroughing. And they're prickly suckers.

My next question is ............... I wonder if I can coat them in PMC silver???

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