Thursday 24 September 2015

Turquoise At The Grand River Bead Society Show & Sale...


See me at the 
10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday, September 26th & 27th
Kitchener, Ontario

The van is almost packed. Okay, well... it's getting there. Hallowe'en is coming up fast, and I'll have lots of skull beads and finished jewellery for both ladies and men with me,

If you check out the Bingemans website, there are a ton of things going on this weekend, so the bead addicts among you can come to the bead show and then catch up with your friends or family later on.

Look forward to seeing you this weekend!


Rosanne said...

Hope that this was a great show for you and your new van! I'm curious about the fetishes---are they the Zuni and Navajo carvings which are sometimes collected, or maybe the carvings from the Philippines, India, and China that I've often seen?

Barbara said...

Hi, Rosanne, I'm finally finished typing, so I'll be posting pix from the show, which was a lot of fun, and (toes and eyes crossed I don't jinx myself by saying this) the new van is running very well. It's great on gas on the highway, handles really well and is much better on gas than the Blazer ever was, even in its youth.

I've got a bunch of different types of fetishes and carvings, most of which are drilled and likely from China, plus three small, genuine Zuni/American Southwest) animal fetishes (a ram, bear and a buffalo(?)) each with inset turquoise eyes. I may try to wire weave them into pendants if I can do so without hiding their shape.

I have many different semi-precious Zuni bear beads, bone and metal bird beads, large turquoise hearts (cabs and drilled) and turquoise, bone, silver, semi-precious, resin and metal/pewter skull beads. Most of these would be from China, but I do have some traditional Tibetan bone skull beads, which I think came from Nepal. I've also got new arrowheads made by a local guy who flintknaps them in styles indigenous to the areas where the stones come from.

I carry those dyed howlite skull beads for kids at the market, but everything else is "real".

What are you looking for?

Rosanne said...

I hadn’t anything particular in mind. Thanks for the information!

The pendant looks great---I'm encouraged to give something simpler a try!