Monday 21 September 2015

Five More Views & I'll Hit 50,000 Page Views!!!

Thanks, everyone!!!

I'm typing all day today, but this week I'll be posting about getting ready for a bead show. In the area next weekend? Please drop by:

Saturday and Sunday, September 26th & 27th
Kitchener, Ontario

Here is a picture from a few years and Grand River Bead Society shows ago:


Rosanne said...

I hope this is one of those five views! Your blog is a favorite. And I really wish that I was in Ontario, because it would be cooler than swamp country in southeast Georgia, and no hurricanes. Have a great show!

Barbara said...

Thank you so much, Rosanne! What type of jewellery do you make? I need a couple of lifetimes to learn how to do everything I become interested in. I'll post pictures of the show early next week.

Yes, it's definitely starting to get cooler here -- I've had the furnace on in the mornings (still not cold enough, though, to turn the maple leaves red) but by the afternoon it's lovely and sunny out. There's been little humidity this summer, thank goodness.

Thanks for your feedback,

Rosanne said...

There was a breath of cooler air outdoors today, but then it evaporated. I am interested in all the ways humans have decorated themselves and the stories behind the materials they use, so that’s why the treasures you find and the different techniques you use are always a treat. You’re way ahead of me, though. I usually argue and lose with metals, but even those let the beginner get happy hammering copper washers and making wraps. What I appreciate most is how generous everybody is about sharing techniques and ideas on the web. For example, I’d bought some kumihomo bobbins because they might be useful, but wouldn’t have thought of your tip for wire. Thanks!

Barbara said...

It's funny, earlier today I was thinking how far behind I feel... it's all relative. I had a customer at the market on Saturday who bought a few beads and said she was just starting to learn how to make jewellery. You would be far ahead of her. An endless parade through time, with endless things to learn and so very, very little time to see and do it all, really.

Yeah, I gotta get me some of those bobbins. I'm hoping the kumihomo ladies at the show have a few extra they wouldn't mind swapping for something.