Monday 7 September 2015

Hammered & Wrapped Copper & Dyed Green Coral Pendant...

I tried to make something with paddles that I thought would be fairly simple to wrap. I'm working towards making wrapped frames for pendants using paddles because of that zen-y/calligraphic look they have.

You do not want to see my first (abandoned) attempt. But you know how in all the directions they tell you not to cut the wires too short? To wait to do all the trimming and tucking of raw ends at the end? Ahem.

Effort number two. I'm obsessed with twiddles. I added one to the wrap I did a few weeks ago, and this one was an extra hammered paddle.

It'll be about 2-1/2" tall once I put a jump ring on it.

Got chased inside all of a sudden at 7:15 by nasty biting critters who came out of nowhere, but this is where I've been reading, eating dinner and working for the past few hours. It's been windy all afternoon, but as soon as the sun started going down the wind dropped and the bugs showed up.

Close-up of my new cat, a rusting heap of nuts 'n' bolts, rescued from my mother's garden.

Thanks for looking!

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