Thursday 18 July 2013

Lapis Lazuli & Quartz Crystal Bracelets...

I was rather pleased with the way the glass skull looked combined with the enhanced lapis lazuli the other day, but fearing that people might not share my love of skulls I made two more bracelets in the same style but substituted faceted quartz crystals for the skull.

Enhanced lapis lazuli, pewter coin flower beads, brass spacers and a faceted quartz crystal bead.
7-3/4" in length, $55.00.

Enhanced lapis lazuli, pewter coin flower beads, pure copper spacers and a faceted quartz crystal bead.
8-3/4" in length, $69.00.

If you are interested in buying or commissioning a bracelet, necklace or earrings -- or the beads themselves -- please email me.

I hope everyone is staying cool these few days until the heat breaks -- which is supposed to be on Saturday. There have been some pretty interesting stories in the news this week about the ferociously high temperatures we're experiencing -- at the same time as it got to below freezing in Alberta. This is the latest:

A cop bakes cookies in his car while he's at work:

A few years ago, they tried to roast a roast in a car. Scary hot temperature inside the car even if it wasn't quite successful:

If this infernal heat is getting you down, meditate instead on cool ocean breezes. This picture of the Islay Mist was taken July 5th by my brother's friend -- who my brother was picking up. Talk about customer service. Contact my younger, smarter brother Jim to book a cruise off the west coast and go hang with some whales...

See you at The Gem Expo at the Hyatt in Toronto next Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Thanks for looking!

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