Friday 12 July 2013

Mixed turquoise bracelet...

I'm trying to get packed up here so I can load up the truck for the market tomorrow. Every time I uncover a layer on my table I get an idea and stop and make something. I had a bag of mixed turquoise that I've been eyeing and here's what I came up with while at the same time trying not to think too hard about how the beads should go.

I need to find someone who will wear this and give me an opinion as to how it feels on. It's designed so that the curved metal part will snug into the shorter curvy side of one's wrist so that the turquoise will stay in place across the top/bottom.

I've used Kingman boulder, lovely pale green Kingman nuggets, Sleeping Beauty nuggets, Ma'an Shan and some miscellaneous Chinese turquoise of unknown provenance.

Note: This item has SOLD, however, I can make variations on this: email me with the length you require.

Thanks for looking.


Lisa Yang Jewelry said...

Interesting that you made a bracelet like this. My sister in law had one with a similar noodle, and I wasn't sure how it was supposed to be worn - since the only way it fit right was if the noodle was on one side. I'd never seen that before. It was very comfortable, but I never got over feeling like I wasn't wearing it correctly. Now, I guess I know that I was! It did help to keep the bracelet from roaming around the wrist - but it was also a stretch bracelet.

I love the turquoise you have been playing with!

Barbara said...

Thanks, Lisa. It's very comfortable to wear. I'll be interested in hearing on Saturday how the giftee likes the bracelet. Also, I'm using these oversize clasps because they help balance the weight of the bracelet so the focal stones stay up top and it makes these bracelets amazingly easy to do up. You don't need arthritis or stubby fingers (my problem) to appreciate that feature, either. And I like the look.

Barbara said...

Forgot to mention -- I love the mixed turquoise look, too. I have to get serious and go through what I have for the show next week. I'll be breaking up a number of the higher-priced strings into thirds or quarters so that they're a more reasonable price. I bought most of my turquoise several years ago and I've been looking at my usual suppliers to buy more. I've noticed the prices on certain types have skyrocketed (the Sleeping Beauty Mine closed), but also there's not a whole lot listed for sale at the moment.