Wednesday 17 July 2013

Campitos & Kingman Turquoise...

Made more bracelets today using up odds and ends of beads, playing with colours, but trying not to think too much and see what happens. Three cheers for's photo-sharpening feature but I still can't quite get the colour right. Literally these colours should be a degree or two warmer, but I can't seem to make it happen.

Large Campitos nuggets interspersed with Kingman splinter chips, sponge coral rondelles flanking a Southwestern-style pewter cross bead.
8" in length; $79.00

Fat Kingman turquoise nuggety chips and more of those gorgeous crab fire agate rounds from Nelson Gemstones flanking a "flying" pewter bird. These Kingman nuggets here and in yesterday's bracelets are all from a string of slightly paler and bluer turquoise than the others that I've been using.
8" in length; $39.00

One side enhanced lapis lazuli rounds and the other pale green so-called new jade (possibly dyed serpentinite?) softly-rounded wheels flanking a "flying" pewter bird.
7-3/4" in length; $43.00

Enhanced lapis lazuli rounds, pewter flower beads and tiny brass spacers flank a glass skull bead.
7-3/4" in length; $45.00

Closeup of the glass skull.

A closer closeup of the glass skull.

Email me for availability or to commission a custom piece -- or even if you see some beads you'd like. I design these so that I can lengthen them a bit without too much trouble; as well, there's always the option of restringing a particular design and adding a bead or two -- or taking something out.

Thanks for looking!


Nelson Beads said...

Thanks for the link, Barbara. The crab fire agate does look really nice next to the turquoise. Love your pewter findings.

Barbara said...

I reeeally like the variety of shapes and sizes I'm able to get of the pewter now. Zinc beads seem to be good in terms of wear and keeping their brightness; also good are the silvertone beads. Bonus is they're all very reasonably priced.