Friday 1 June 2012


I love snakes. Worms and maggots -- NO! But snakes are cool. Because I've been enamoured with making seed bead chokers, necklaces and glasses lanyards, bracelets and anklets for a while now, and because they slither around trying to escape while I'm photographing them, it struck me that using snakes as an inspiration for colours would be a great idea.

Strange... I feel like I made a lot more than just five.

Following, in no particular order, are the individual snake chokers. I was going to post the photographs I'd based my colours on, but I believe I will be violating a zillion copyright laws so I'm only posting the chokers with their respective links so you can be the judge how close I got.

Blue Malaysian Coral Snake

23 inches

Labelled "dedliest snakes" (but no idea what it is)

23 inches

Corn Snake
These are so pretty -- amazing variety of colours and patterns

21 inches

Blue-Lipped Sea Krait

23 inches

Mexican Milk Snake

18 inches

And then just 'cause it looks so cool. The corn snake lovers do this a lot -- mix up a whole messpile of baby snakes

These chokers are made with regular Czech glass seed beads, all are strung on wire, with silver-plated lobster clasps, a secure end ring so the wire doesn't slide through an open jump ring.

$20 each, $5 for shipping and handling (please email me first for availability or to request a custom size). I tried to get the colours as close as possible to their real colours, but note that these are a little bright: the beads are actually more saturated and deeper in colour.

Thanks for looking!

PS: No, this does not mean I want any snakes. More beads? Yes.


Anonymous said...

Cool idea! Love the colors!

Barbara said...

Thanks, Geeske. They were fun to research and while tricky to make with such a limited palette of colours it was surprising just how close I got.