Friday 8 June 2012

Pewter Koi Earrings...

...and a couple of really cool websites.

Some of you may be aware that I'm looking for a new vehicle -- of course I'm looking now that the ancient Blazer is finally running well and I could derive some benefit from the six grand I put into it last year. I suppose it might be worth something to sell or as a trade-in. For now, I am reading everything RV I can find and watching videos about stealthy living; as well, the teensification of interior design is of great interest at the moment. Check this out...

It doesn't escape me, the irony around stealth camping and how everyone blabs about it nonstop, including details of their current location.

And for eye candy, there's this... My latest discovery -- there are beautiful photos here throughout the blog. Check out the jewellery layering and those crocheted slippers in today's listing. Drool. I just may get back into crocheting this winter. Unfortunately, I can't do anything about rolling back the clock far too many years and looking like any of the models here, but I can definitely get the jewellery look.

After a morning spent typing and downloading files in preparation for a Sunday typing marathon, I've finally finished these earrings. I spent far too much time fiddling with them, but I guess they sorta kinda look interesting...

Pewter koi (from The Bead Boutique in Kitchener), blue silver-lined seed beads, silver-plated earwires. $35. The s/p earwires can be swapped out for sterling silver for an extra $5. Shipping and handling on request.

Thanks for looking!

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