Friday 8 June 2012

More guy chokers, a wooden skull & a moonstone wrap bracelet

More guy chokers for the market tomorrow, variations on a theme...

I always find it interesting how much the character of something changes depending on what surrounds it. I guess that goes for people as well as things. 

Also, I finally put a button on this poor neglected moonstone wrap bracelet.

I'd originally made this on 2mm black Greek leather by default, if only because the wholesaler didn't have any 1.5mm at the time I bought the 2mm. I just got some of the 1.5mm and I really prefer it. It's got enough body w/o being too bulky. I will be making a pile more bracelets now.

The bracelet is about 7-1/2". I'll have to double-check tomorrow. The moonstones have more colour than shows in the photos.

The chokers vary from $8 to $15 (I'll post the prices tomorrow of what doesn't sell -- thinking positively at the moment here), the bracelet is $35, shipping/handling is $5 pretty much to anywhere in Canada and the US.

Thanks for looking!

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