Monday 8 February 2016

Baroque Peacock Pearl Set...

Sometimes absolute simplicity is the way to go.

Two days ago at the market I sold this peacock baroque and small potato pearl and Swarovski oily green vitrail bicone necklace and earring set. It was another slow mid-winter market for me when one of my occasional customers came by, literally stopped dead in her tracks, took one look and asked where the ATM machine was. How I lovelovelove customers who know what they like, see what they want -- and done.

I got the pearls from Robert Hall Originals in St. George. I'd gone there in December to buy three pounds of copper wire and on a whim threw in this last lonely string of pearls that was calling my name. Not being turkey or mince pie vendors, it was a pretty quiet -- okay, dead -- market for us craft vendors back on December 24th and, as usual, I sat and made jewellery in between the occasional customer.

The graduated baroque pearls themselves were so crazy beautiful, each one a work of art on its own, that there was nothing more needed doing than string, crimp and pick out a clasp. (Apologies for the quality of the photograph.)

Oh, yes -- the copper I got? I'm romping through it at a ferocious rate. Check out my previous posts to see what I've been doing with all that lovely, mooshy dead soft copper.

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