Wednesday 30 October 2013

My New Sales Venue...

I gotta say, I've had really bad luck with putting my jewellery in stores. Every time in the past five years that I've gotten into another store, they up and close on me. I've done okay to great for sales, but for many different reasons from the economy to health the store owners haven't been able to make it. It's been really sad.

I heard a couple of weeks ago that the One of a Kind Antique Mall in Woodstock was opening up to craft vendors, and more importantly that it was possible to rent a locking display cabinet so, today, after a great lunch at Chiba Sushi my pal Nancy and I took a look around. Good thing we did.

Long dithery story short, I am now the proud renter of an ancient -- well, fairly old, older 'n me, anyway -- wood and glass showcase in a primo location on your right just as you come through the front door on the main floor. The table presently in front there will be removed and I hope that Santa won't mind sliding along a titch.

Here's the front door and Nancy, out of focus. Nice wide aisles, too. To my right is the cash desk. Nancy and another pal of mine, Winter -- I hope! Please say yes -- will be adding items to use as props: Nancy will supply collectible glassware and oddities; Winter, exquisitely crafted and weirdly wonderful paper items and cards. These, plus my turquoise, skull and tribal-inspired jewellery? Christmas shopping, done and done.

This place is positively CAVERNOUS. They've recently opened up the third floor, making it now the largest antique mall in Canada, and it's stuffed literally to the rafters full of furniture, some kinda rickety-to-junky, yeah, but a ton of cool stuff. There were a couple of pieces I'd buy in a heartbeat if my stooopid truck brake line hadn't decided today would be the perfect day to spring a leak. Getting that sorted out on Tuesday.

This is just one aisle on the third floor in this photo; there are three aisles running the length of the building. There's gotta be 40, 50 or more feet behind me to the front of the building also filled with furniture. See how high the ceilings are? There are two ginormous black wooden bookcases behind me that almost reach the ceiling. Five grand each, but man, oh, man, are they beautiful. I'll try to get a picture posted in a few days.

I'm really lusting after this Parsons-style chaise/daybed -- and comfortable? Yummers. Think of all the bead bins I could store underneath.

Meanwhile, Nancy and I will be sorting and pricing items here on Friday. If she gets away soon enough on Friday, she will put some in the display case, but I will do most of it on Saturday afternoon. I'll post more pix.

The plan is to spend a couple of weekdays a month here, but for sure I'll be dropping in after the market on Saturdays to check on stock and chat with customers. Note that I'm still doing the Woodstock Farmers' Market Saturday mornings until noon.

Thanks for looking and please come and visit!


Nelson Jewelry & Gemstones said...

Hey, Barbara, that is awesome! I'm so happy for you. I hope you get a bunch of business out of this venue. Keep looking for more. I'm sure they're out there.

Barbara said...

Thanks, Joanne. I'm sure excited about it. I've always loved these types of venues. It's such a cool building, all the nooks and crannies from long ago.