Thursday 10 October 2013

Pictures from the Grand River Bead Society Bead Show & Sale...

...this past weekend (Oct 5th & 6th). I had a great time at the show. I usually do (except that one year when I had a massive toothache the whole day). Special thanks to pals Jane and Lynn who came to the show and ended up dragooned into watching my booth so I could take a break, wander around and buy more beads (it's impossible to ever have enough). If anyone else has more pictures I'll be happy to post them.

An infinitissimally tiny sampling of the 25 vendors at the show.

Beaded butterflies by Brenda Franklin Designs:

This photo doesn't begin to do justice to the colours in these beaded butterfly pendants.

World-travellers and prize-winning peacocks, collaborations by glass artist Mary Ann Helmond, MA Beads, pictured here, and seed bead artist and kit designer Roxann Blazetich-Ozols, Beadaddict.

Mary Ann Helmond with Big Blue II and the albino White Peacock

Jewellery by Marilyn Matheson, Yellow Bird Creations:

Oooh-la-la -- corsets and chain maille from Marilyn Gardiner...

...where you can sit down, relax and try on a design (the corsets are for display purposes only) before buying the kit.

Design concept by Lynn McLean of Fashion Your Space. If my own table ever looks tidier or more well-organised, it's due to Lynn's design eye and clean-upping ways. 

Waves of beads from Rainbow Beads:

My go-to guys for bulk Argentium sterling and pure copper wire... and more and more and more beads.

Salim, Blue Sapphire Beads. Blue Sapphire are the hosts of The Gem Expo!

Saw these on the drive to and from the show:

Early Sunday morning as the fog was lifting... 
This was quite something looming out of the dark mist the night before,
eyes blazing, caught in my truck's headlights.

Why are places like these never open at 6 or 7 in the morning? They have PIES. I LIKE pies and pies really, really like ME. They cliiiinnnngggg to me (see me up top there?).

Knee-deep in punkins just south of Guelph, Strom's Farm 

Man, oh, man, if it weren't for the incredibly steep stairs... I've always wanted a live-in-the-back storefront gallery/studio space. Spotted this for rent near the river in Cambridge. Wood-burning stove, brick patio in back, another patio over the garage... but stairs. 

See you at The Gem Expo in Toronto at the Hyatt Regency on King Street November 22, 23 and 24th!

Thanks for looking.  

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