Thursday 7 November 2013


Here are the pictures of the showcase filled with my jewellery and Nancy's collectible bowls at the One-of-a-Kind Antique Mall in Woodstock. I think Nancy did a beautiful job laying everything out on Sunday. Yesterday, Wednesday, was my first view of it -- I got my truck brakes fixed on Tuesday after being permaparked for a week. Thankfully, it wasn't too-too big of a hit to the ol' piggy bank. However, the mechanic did say that it really wasn't worth spending the money to fix the oil drips... meaning it's long past time to start saving for a new vehicle. One more winter is all I ask and anything past this is a bonus. On the other hand, that's what I've been saying for four years now.

Looking the length of the showcase from the right end, as you walk in the front door.
Looking down the length from the left end of the showcase
View from the top.

It's surprisingly bright in here and I think the slightly coppery colour of the tablecloth I picked shows off the jewellery very well, particularly the turquoise. Initially, I was a bit leery that the stripes might make it too busy. Now to hunt down more of these tablecloths from Dollarama for my Gem Expo tables in Toronto.  
Closer view of some of the jewellery
Thanks for looking!

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