Wednesday 12 June 2013

Impression Jasper Necklace

A slow start today, but a start nonetheless... sunny today, too, after days of cold rain. The deck hidden below the ferns beckons... cappuccino and new library book are singing their siren song.

Does anyone get as confused by the names of stones as I do? I'm currently working on a necklace and it seems like the same bead, depending on who you buy from, has a different name -- aqua terra jasper, impression jasper, imperial jasper. Besides being a gorgeous blue colour conjuring visions of tiny islets lost in impossibly blue seas, they look the same to me.

Impression/aqua terra/imperial jasper slabs & beads, crab fire agate beads, Tibetan-style zinc beads,
awaiting a pewter clasp... photographed on top of one of my many bins of zinc/pewter/silver beads. Love these!

Making necklaces this morning with a view
Rounds from the large and varied selection available at Nelson Gemstones. Can't remember where I got the slabs from.

Thanks for looking!


Nelson Beads said...

Yeah, many stones have different names. I think in the U.S. we call it imperial jasper whereas the Europeans call it impression jasper. I haven't even heard of aqua terra.

Thanks for the link, sweety.

Barbara said...

aqua terra is the most common name I've seen for the blue beads. The purple and red ones I got from you was the first time I'd seen different coloured rounds -- at least on my travels around the bead shows. Could easily be I wasn't interested before so I didn't notice them.