Tuesday 25 June 2013

A Morning Visitor...

...a doe that had obviously taken a wrong turn and come upriver into town. Two properties up from us is the northern limit of river flood plain on this side of the river. There is floodplain/woodland lining the river to the south of us but houses abutting that all the way downriver maybe a mile or so until woodland/farmland starts and that pretty much goes all the way down to Brantford, the only town of any size that straddles the river on the way to Lake Erie. About five years ago, I was walking Max just upriver from here on the dike by the dam on New Year's Day and saw a bald eagle riding the thermals in the middle of the river at our height. It was an absolutely breathtaking sight. There's been a massive effort to clean up the Grand River and it's working as all kinds of wildlife are coming back, including nesting pairs of bald eagles along the river. It's a beautiful river to hike, bike or canoe along.

My landlady spotted her when she was out doing some gardening, and even after returning with the garden hose, the deer still stood there calmly watching her. Susan came down here to tell me, I took a look, I went back and got my stupidPhone (sickening, eh? But definitely very handy), took some pictures and through all the thumping back and forth across the wooden porch, our whispering and movement, dogs in the house barking, the doe stood motionless watching us and looking around. Then she began carefully picking her way up towards the road. We went around that way but couldn't see any sign of her. Our fear was that the doe might get up to the road, but there are steep stairs and/or high fieldstone banks topped with fences blocking access, at least here and next door.

Now back to the real business of the day -- Pinterest! NOOOOO, stop pinning other people's jewellery and start making your own!!! Um... first, more coffee.

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