Friday 7 June 2013

Ethnic/Tribal-Inspired Necklaces...

I'm finally on a roll. There's been no typing for the past few days -- I don't know whether that's good or bad, but it's only the beginning of the month, so maybe I'm entitled to a few days off -- and I've been making necklaces. It's also been raining and cold out so no reason to set foot outside for days here. I have the new store that I hope will take some of these styles, as well as a few other venues I have in mind for which I need to make stock to take in to see if they're interested. Earrings to follow.

Apologies that the pictures are a little out of focus: my camera batteries died so I had to use my cell phone. 

Three days' production... Yay for rain days

Matte black agate saucer beads, zinc & silver-plated Tibetan-style beads, brass spacers strung on
adjustable black Greek leather

Yellow and pinky-orange matte seedbead necklaces with assorted silver-plated and Tibetan-style zinc beads, both necklaces have blue sponge coral beads, the yellow necklace includes aquaterra and brass beads

Matte blue-green seed beads with Tibetan-style zinc beads.
I'm looking at this now and thinking it would look better with a few brass beads. Next iteration. Funny how you see all the mistakes/what-ifs when you take a picture.

My favourite. Matte blue seedbeads (not quite as bright blue as they appear here) zinc and pewter beads. Beautiful pewter bird beads look like they're sitting on nests.

Large Kingman turquoise chip necklace with aquaterra beads and Tibetan-style zinc/silver-plated beads
Large Kingman chip necklace with white seedbeads

Small Kingman chip necklace with matte black glass bugle/tube beads
Amethyst rounds & peridot chips, white clear matte seedbeads, Tibetan-style zinc/silver-plated beads,
pewter heart clasp

Thanks for looking!

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