Saturday 29 June 2013

Green Vintage Button Necklace & Kingman Turquoise Bracelets & More Market Necklaces...

Well, my green vintage button necklace was a hit. My customer was extremely pleased. She certainly looks happy!

My two new -- finally! -- Kingman turquoise nugget bracelets. The beauty of the large clasps is they hold the bracelet in place, i.e. if there is a focal bead, it will remain on top of your wrist where it can be seen.

My favourite of the two -- the bird is free to move, a bonus for fidgety people who like to play with things.

And a pile of necklaces, the front bits designed by Nancy, tweaked and finished by me and ready for sale.

Thanks for looking!


Sondra said...

is the bird turquoise bracelet for sale?

Barbara said...

Yep. $30, plus shipping. If you're interested, email me directly ( with your exact wrist size, address, etc., and I can figure out the shipping cost. Thanks!

Lisa Yang Jewelry said...

They are all sooo pretty! I love the turquoise bracelets, but the necklaces are great too. Thanks for sharing.