Friday 3 August 2012

Turquoise ring & cake jewellery...

Could anything be more disparate??? I dunno.

Week from hell, and it ain't over yet. It is so hot and humid today. Been drinking gallons of water and sluicing off under the shower. It's like it was in Rome where I'd stand under their tiny little trickle showers and the part that wasn't getting trickled on was oozing slimy sweat. I'd keep turning and turning trying to cool down all at the same time. Half of me would be under shower water, and half of me would be slime. But, hey -- I was living in ROME. Sigh........

Anyway, really fast: Campo Frio turquiose wrapped with tinned copper... and my new design, Confetti cake jewellery, silver-plated wire, multi-coloured seed beads. You saw it here FIRST.

Ring, if it doesn't fit the customer tomorrow, $15. It's just under size 10, available from me.

Cake jewellery, available from Let's Eat Cake.

Thanks for looking!

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