Friday 17 August 2012

3 Wrapped Rings...

Finally around 7 o'clock I settled down to work after all the excitement this afternoon. My pal Lynn (aka Lynny Claus) got me some BEEEEEEYOOOOUUUTEEEFULLLL Kingman turquoise along with some lovely purple phosphosiderite and apple coral today, all of which will all be winging their way northeastward tomorrow morning. Phosphosiderite... I learned a new stone and how to spell a new word.

Meanwhile, here is what I managed to accomplish tonight. These rings are made with just a few of the new beads I got yesterday from Magpie Gemstones and they mostly have larger holes, so watch for them on a leather choker near you. I will get the beads sorted and priced at the market tomorrow, stuff made and pix taken.

Three 14 gauge wrapped tinned copper rings with leopardskin, copper and unakite beads, size 9.75, $12, $8 and $12 respectively. These are for a commission, but I can make more in different sizes, in copper wire, as well, and I have lots more stones. Shipping of course will be extra, email me for details.

Thanks for looking!

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