Friday 17 August 2012

New Goodies, A New Supplier, Lots of New Beads Coming & Introducing The Talking Couch

Christmas in August, my favourite season!

"Is there anything for me in there?" asks the Talking Couch. 

"Note the flash of Fox Turquoise a little to my right nostril. And are those turquoise bear fetishes I see over by my right hand... paw...? Whatever -- I'm already drooling. Okay, where are the bones? Yo, Lady Who Feeds Me, did you buy me some bones?"

"Phhht..." as he shakes his silly locks... silky. I meant silky.

A deep sigh from the Talking Couch. "There's never ever anything edible in these boxes from Magpie Gemstones. What good are they?" he wants to know. "Well," I say, "You do like the bone beads. They're nice and crunchy." "Oh, right," and he hangs his head in shame. "Those. I thought you'd put them out for me." "Well, I did put them at nose level on top of the bin, didn't I? My fault entirely."

Which reminds me -- I forgot to order more bone skulls from Happy Mango. Rats. And I think they were even on sale, too. Next time. "Yip-yip-yipeeee," from the Talking Couch.

Oh, hey -- check out Nelson Gemstones online. Finally, someone who stocks most, if not all, of the rounds of a given stone, meaning 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, etc. I mean, think about it. When was the last time you went anywhere and they had all the rounds for the stone you were looking for? Hmm? Nobody does that. Not for all the different semi-precious beads. Finally, someone IS doing it.

The deal is, if you go right now -- TODAY -- and "like" Nelson Gemstones on Facebook (and you can sneak in your order up until tomorrow -- Saturday -- morning) you can get the code that will give you a 25% discount on all the beads including new stock which Joanne will be bringing in based on the orders received up until then. I can hardly wait to see the lapis I've ordered.

And... I got more wire from Flim Flam last night in Brantford to make more fancy long headpins for stacking up big pendants and crystals and whatnot and to make wrapped rings, and I have a new order coming soon from Happy Mango. Whoo hoo, Christmas indeed. And Swarovskis coming in... and wait 'til you see the turquoise................ "Here comes Lynny Claus, here comes Lynny Claus..."

The goodies from my current shopping spree are mainly intended for the big 4th Annual Grand River Bead Society Bead Show in October in Guelph, but you can always get a sneak preview of my offerings on Saturday mornings at the Woodstock Farmer's Market.

Now I have to get busy pricing and then DO SOMETHING with all of my new treasures.

Thanks for looking!


Joanne of Nelson Gemstones said...

Hey, Barbara, thanks for the plug! Man, oh man, you sure did get a lot of goodies. But nothing for the dog? For shame!

Barbara said...

He has a bucket of dried liver things -- and he does the dishes at every meal. I was trying to find the post of bone skulls that he ate... can't find it. Gotta run! it's 4:30, time to load up and frap la rue.