Sunday 15 July 2012

SOLD! Pewter Moon Necklace!

Whoo hoo, just found out. Cue happy dance.

Pewter moon pendant, turquoise, African recycled & sand cast glass beads,
shell, glass, metal & copper beads, on long adjustable Greek leather cord

Does any of this involve a walk?

Sigh... I didn't think so...

First She Who Feeds Me takes me shopping... bo-ring. Now I'm supposed to admire her jewellery. What a snore.

Gotta make me another one! But first, back to typing my brains out. Tomorrow, Toronto, take the computer in, hit the wholesalers and bead stores. That's the life for me. Sorry, Max, you'll be stuck at home gnawing on chewies and baggin' some much-needed zeds.

Thanks for looking.

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