Friday 13 April 2012

Bwahahahaha V, I think...

I've lost track. These are rawther cute, I think. These are the same skull beads -- well, not exactly the same ones, but you know what I mean... don't you? I hope you do -- that my dog ate at 4:30 a.m. last Saturday morning while I was sitting here checking my email just before loading up the truck with my market bags and boxes. I could hear this strange crunching coming from the kitchen but most of the sound was drowned out by the two fans humming away inside the hard drive beside me here. I thought at first he was drinking water very loudly... then I thought is he eating ICE? From where? Crunching on a stick??? But... oh nooooooooooooooooo.......... I rushed in and he was scarfing down the skulls that I had tied into threes with fishing line and indestructable sharkskin price tags for the market. (Those price tags really ARE completely indestructable, btw.)

What do you say to a dog doing his doggy job eating bones??? It was my fault for putting them at nose level, sitting on the top of a bag of market stuff.

Here are a couple of the ones he didn't eat.

In case you're wondering, they all came out in the end largely intact (including fishing line -- I was terrified I was looking at a huge vet bill) during our walk last Sunday morning.

The earrings are for sale, $25 plus shipping. I can upgrade the silver-plated earwires to argentium sterling for $3 more.

Thanks for looking!

PEE ESS: From the Too Good Not To Share Department, a sign I saw today at a local greenhouse, Walter's, out on Highway 5 near 24: "We're so excited it's spring, we almost wet our plants".

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