Friday 20 April 2012

MORE skulls...

Got stuck typing all week, but managed tonight to put a few things together. This is a variation on a theme. I will photograph more stuff tomorrow or Sunday, but here's the first one.

I made a pile of seedbead necklaces last week, all about 23" long, some I've added deerskin strings to, to make them adjustable, add pendants, feathers, whatever one likes.

This for now is a fixed length, but easy enough to add leather strings.

BTW, I just got some mood beads. Are they ever wild! Amazing colours. I guess the '70s are back, bigger and better than ever -- except everyone from then keeps DYING so it's kind of a bittersweet trip down memory lane. I missed mood rings the first time around... I actually knew one person who had one. I thought it was the tackiest thing I'd ever seen, cheap glass set in plastic, basically. But they did turn colours. High tech for those days. These beads I just got are finished nicely, edged in silver colour metal with large holes, so they're a lot more useful.

Looks like I have the whole week coming up free of typing and I plan to get a lot done -- including my pesky taxes. Geez, didn't we just have to do those a few months ago? Time is flyin', innit? Only 8 months and 5 days until Christmas. Get your orders in now, folks.

This necklace is for sale: $35 plus shipping/handling. Email me if interested. Thanks for looking!

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