Friday 30 March 2012

Copper washer earrings

It's been two or three weeks of solid typing and aimlesssly banging away here and there on different bits and pieces and playing with shapes, then trying to become motivated in the drag end of the week -- two or three hours late on a Friday afternoon -- to make some jewellery before the Saturday market but finally today I got something put together. After watching the digital version of paint drying -- watching quick-charge batteries recharging -- I took these pictures.

Hammered copper washers, swirled wire doodad, pewtery/Tibetan silver/zinc bead w/copper beads, argentium sterling earwires. Yes, the bubo is from hammering the relatively small washers. Baaaad washers. Baaaad hammer.

I'm still not entirely sure if these are a work in progress but they are/will be for sale (email me). I may dispense with the jump rings and wrap the pieces together with either copper or silver wire. Still debating that. I also have larger hammered washers, but they might be too heavy for here.

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