Tuesday 1 November 2011

Getting hammered again...

Dontcha just love hammering stuff? I sure do. No typing again this week, so far anyway. Got the laundry done in town, bought Max some dog food on sale(!), so he won't starve for the next month. Also noticed my favourite Lavazza Crema e Gusto is on sale, too. Must remember to go back for that. Talked to the HST lady and I'm good for another quarter. In fact, they owe me money. Yay! Now to make lunch and then spend the rest of the day hammering and figuring out a better way to do this wrapping stuff.

Also got a commission to make a set of twirly silver Christmas ornament holders. On Saturday someone asked if I would consider putting my stuff in their store. Haven't heard from the manager, yet. Will give them a call today or tomorrow.

I'm trying to come up with a catchy way to market my copper earrings. Something to do with "Clean Me With Ketchup!"... or just that.

This pendant took waaaaay too long to make. No idea what I could/should charge for it

I think the loose twirls need to be tighter. Off now to work on that. Then I'll add the Argentium sterling earwires, with which I am still experimenting.

Uh oh........ "Clean Up with Ketchup"........ is that bad or what? hahahaha

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