Monday 7 November 2011

Great weekend and here are my goodies

We had glorious weather all weekend, and it's another beautiful sunny fall day today, almost more like late September than November. It can stay this way as long as it likes!

Friday morning I got a wonderful surprise: my hammered and wrapped spiral heart-shaped pendant has found a new home in Seattle. Now comes the worst part for me, praying equally that it arrives in good time and that the new owner finds it better in person than the pictures they saw online. Thanks, Kittysunlover from deviantArt, my home away from home.

The Saturday farmers' market was good. I have initiated a new policy with myself whereby I siphon off all my market earnings (after I've done my weekly grocery shop) into a cookie tin and accumulate that to buy more materials rather than raiding my bank account in my normal undisciplined fashion. What I have in cash is legitimate to spend on beads, basically. So far, so good. Sunday I was in Toronto at the Toronto Bead Society Show and had a great time.

Here are some of my goodies.
From the all strings/items $2 table (Silver Dawn Jewels, Vaughan, Ontario)

Lucite beads for bridal/cruise/next summer wear (That Bead Lady, Newmarket)
Raw stones from Designers Findings, Toronto
Raw chrysocolla (and more cool zinc beads and hematite) from Rainbow Trading, Toronto
These are from Kirsty Naray. The detail is superb.

Yes, everything I bought is all over the map. But so are my customers. I've noticed that several vendors have gone over to selling partial strings, so that every item on the table is one price. Makes it easy and affordable to get a few focal beads without spending all your money on one item.

This is what my market table looks like before it's moved into the truck:

Doesn't look like a lot, but it's seven trips to the truck just for the jewellery, plus the empty water jugs, plus whatever freezer packs, water and coffee I take with me that day. Then in the truck is the table shelf/riser/whatever, a box of metal display racks and my chair cushion. At the market I now leave three 2 x 6 foot metal grids and two 2x2 foot grid corner shelves. At least with the market, the tables are supplied! I also make absolutely sure to carry a big bottle of Robax Platinum with me at all times.  
Now to work... well, first lunch, then work. Uh, oh... maybe lunch and then a walk and then work. Okay, Max, I'm hungry, too. No wonder he's giving me the hairy eyeball -- he's still on Daylight Saving Time, and to him it's 1 pm, not coming up to noon. Yikes.

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