Friday 22 July 2011

Wait up! The week is over and I'm so far behind....

Huff-huff-huff-puff, huff-huff-huff-puff... and that's the dog. It is so frickin' hot out, although not as hot as it was yesterday. Equivalent to almost 120F/48C here with the humidity. Only feels like 37/98F today. Positively chilly. Where did my fuzzy sheets get to?

Made a messpile of things yesterday. Spent most of the time typing and writing emails today. Gotta get the truck loaded up and get some more things made for tomorrow. Oh, and I went shopping online this week... badddd. But such goodies. Magpie is having a turquoise sale, as is Happy Mango. Whoo hoo... Christmas in August is comin' my way.

Messpile I work in, with a half-inch high space at the bottom of the table to assemble things, like these earrings in progress

Finished earrings

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