Sunday 10 July 2011

Less is more? Nah - more is more is always better...

Yesterday my friend Kathryn who occasionally gets fed up and rearranges my table for me at the Woodstock Farmer's Market complimented me on how nice my display was looking. Yay. I'm so clueless about how to arrange things and she's so good at it -- but I have discovered by taking photos it can help give a better idea of how it looks. Still needs a lot of tweaking. I'm sure I can cram more jewellery on the table if I concentrate hard enough.

In the next few weeks I will be bringing in a lot more pendants and components to sell to jewellery do-it-yourself-ers and (I hope) carry a wider range of interesting and cool stuff.

I have no idea how I'll display all the new things. I've put in for two tables once the market spreads out through two rooms later in the fall when the produce and flower vendors move back inside. In any event, I will be losing my primo spot between Chocolate Guy and the coffee pot that I've had for the past three years.

For now, this is what my display looks like. I especially want to thank Chris McGyver for building all my great display boxes and risers, as well as the anonymous donor to Value Village for the great bamboo display box. What a score that was! Then there are all my suppliers who've contributed to my explosion-in-a-bead-factory style. Since you can never have enough beads... I'll be baaaaack.

Meanwhile yesterday afternoon, back at the ranch (aka dead car lot) where I live I picked more berries and made another four jars of jam. Here it is noon and I haven't even stuck my nose out to see how many more berries are ripe. I think I'll get at least 8 more jars before they're all gone. I'm waiting now for the first Niagara peaches and the pitted sour cherries from Elberta's to come in. Those first peaches and the sour cherries make the BEST freezer jam ever. I can't decide which is my favourite.  All I know is, it tastes like summer in a jar all through the winter. That jam on Ace Bakery baguette toast and my Italian Lavazza Cream e Gusto make it worth getting up in the morning at 20 or 30 below. Oh, and Max wanting to go out. That, too. Hi, Max.

Crikies, have to do the typing that makes all the above possible. Deadline 9 pm tonight and another one tomorrow at 9 am. Happy Sunday, all.

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