Thursday 7 July 2011

Need a vote on this necklace

This is my latest effort. My dilemma is should the:

1. Large turquoise be in line with the rest of the necklace?
2. Large turquoise hang as a pendant?
3. Should the chain part start with a copper component or a turquoise nugget?

and maybe this:

4. While the large stone as a pendant looks about right, if it's in line, is the large stone too large?

If anyone wants to vote, please comment or email me at Thank you!

PS: Details, details, details. Sleeping Beauty turquoise, in reality a perfect deep sky blue, not the weird colours as shown in my bad photography. Got this turquoise from The Turquoise Chick -- yay, Lin! Pure copper wire, local hardware stores, Bali silver daisy spacers from Bamiyan.

1 comment:

steufel said...

I vote for large turquoise hang as a pendant!