Friday 29 May 2015


...a not-inspiring beginning to the evening's bracelet-making. Dontcha just hate when this happens?

Two days' production:

Haven't worked out the prices yet, but they'll be in the ballpark of the other similar bracelets and necklaces. Email me if you're interested in knowing more. To see a selection of these in person, come to the Woodstock Farmers Market on Saturday mornings or the One of a Kind Antique Mall throughout the week. I will also be bringing these and more to The Gem Expo at the end of July. See you there!

Thanks for looking.


The Beading Gem said...

I also hate it when oops it's happen - I feel for you when it happens to the box with tiny findings! Great pictures!

Barbara said...

I was grateful they weren't round beads is all. Though some of them did manage to travel quite a distance.