Thursday 4 June 2015

Studio Space...

... but studio for what? Typing? Jewellery-making? Collectibles storage and pricing? Drawing?

Remember this back in December?

It became this a couple of weeks ago. I added a second shelf to the table.

It turned into this yesterday. The mess of weird items are destined for the antique mall later today when they've been priced.

Trust me, the front room was packed -- and I mean jam-packed -- and stacked halfway up the walls with dusty boxes spilling their contents, untouched since I moved here mid-December 2013. There was barely a path down the middle wide enough to walk, and still I had to step over boxes and bags.

The front room mostly cleared out.

Where did all the boxes and bags go? Here:

Already it's looking better:

Now this. I walk in and breathe.

I'm afraid to start doing anything in here because it WILL turn back into a giant mess again.

All that mess in the living room above now looks like this:

The next goal is to get all the assorted beads and findings sorted into those labelled bins on the shelf in the front room and take that table down. The bin system has been in operation and working well since Lynn M and Nancy Mac helped me sort beads over two years ago. I can't remember how many carloads of recycling, donations and consignment store items they hauled away for me, but it was quite a few!

So, yes -- grab a friend to help. Huge thanks this time to Brenda. Having someone who isn't emotionally involved in making toss/keep decisions or getting lost in, "Oh, look, a 5-year old magazine! I must read it right now," is absolutely critical, and makes it so much easier and faster to sort/toss/give away.

Yes, it's gonna hurt. Yes, it's a shock to the system realising just how much money I wasted over the years. Yes, it's profoundly embarrassing to realise how many empty bins and containers I have and how I keep buying more and bigger/better storage systems. We all have our little secrets. But it's got to be done.

As all the decluttering sites advise, completely clear out the room/closet first. Then have a designated garbage bag (bags plural in my case -- FIVE of 'em went out to the highway this morning), recycling bags/bins, eWaste bin, charity bin, consignment bin ready. You need only make one decision for each item: keep it, and you now have a magically clear space for it, or toss it into the appropriate bin/bag.

Hey! I'm done!!!!

Well... not so fast. There's also the bedroom... and those boxes and boxes of books under the bed.


Nelson Beads said...

Good job! That must be a huge weight off your shoulders. Can you imagine what your house would look like if your business wasn't in it?

Barbara said...

Likely even more of a mess. I'm horrified by what's been hiding all these boxes.