Tuesday 19 May 2015

My IdiotPhone Died...

And of course, it had to do this in the middle of the afternoon on the long weekend when everything was closed. Not that there was any phone call I particularly needed to make, but I am rather fond of its picture-taking capabilities.

This morning, I took the phone into the Telus store and in less than a minute the lady there worked her magic. I didn't see any mention of this magic trick when I plugged in variations on "why is my idiotPhone dead?" online to find out what the problem might be and how much this was going to cost (lots, it appears -- when no one quotes even a ballpark figure, you know you're in trouble) and I was afraid, very afraid.

The magic trick is the ALT-CTRL-DEL of the phone world: press the top OFF button and the bottom ON button at the same time and hold. Maybe 8 or 10 seconds later -- if the battery is still alive and not dead because you dropped it -- the white apple will appear, it will reboot itself and Bob's your uncle.

The Telus lady said that sometimes there's a arbitrary glitch for no reason and it just wants to reboot. I also read that a typical phone battery is good for 500 charges. I've had mine for just over two years. So a charge every two to four days, take my socks off here........... At most, that's 300 charges.

Now we know.

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