Sunday 1 June 2014

Miscellaneous Meanderings...

On Friday, roaming around with a pal thrift-shopping, I found this stunning... um... thing. I have a terrible feeling it was an unappreciated wedding gift that surreptitiously found its way to a local thrift store. It's now in my OOAK Antique Mall showcase. Dying to know who made it, if anyone knows or recognises the style. It's really gorgeous and the photo does not do it justice. It's opaque glass, except for the centre horizonal circle of glass, the top bowl is a light lavender colour and the bottom pedestal is a light, periwinkle blue. The pinstripe edging is hot pink.

If it doesn't sell, then I'll keep it.

On Saturday, after a really slow start, the market ended up pretty good re sales for me. I had several returning customers and lots more new people stopped by. In a moment of weakness I bought incredibly fresh Spud's Finest Kettle Chips from Barries Asparagus, North Dumfries, near Cambridge. Okay. I confess. I bought TWO bags. Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, I've eaten both already. They are sooooo good. They also manufacture tortilla chips which include asparagus flour.

I don't normally do this, but I couldn't resist: fresh hamburgers from The Butcher's Blend at the market, most particularly the cheddar, bacon and jalapeno burger. Oh, my... As an experiment, I added nothing during or after cooking, no oil, no salt, no pepper, no condiments, no bun, simply pan-fried it dry. Holy moley it was so good... if a little more underdone than I normally like it. I'll cook the next one longer, plus I have a chicken burger and a turkey burger to taste-test this week.

Unlike myself, the robin is still hard at work:

9:00 a.m., Friday 30 May 2014, solid foundation now in place:

2:50 p.m., Friday 30 May 2014, taking shape, from the side:

2:50 p.m., Friday 30 May 2014, taking shape, from the front:

12:34 p.m., Sunday 01 June 2014, structurally sound:

2:50 p.m., Sunday 01 June 2014, wall of the nest is getting higher:

Rearranging pots, adding more baskets to the lilac tree. The tendrils of the purple and white bacopa are getting longer in all the pots. My hope is that together they will make a wall of flowers to shelter a sitting area from the driveway:

Jewellery? Phhht. I'll get to it... eventually.

Thanks for looking!

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