Friday 6 June 2014

Big Things Afoot at the AntMall... & A Pewter Skull & Seed Bead "Sketch"

At the AntMall, aka the One of a Kind Antique Mall, Nancy and Kate have joined me and started putting things into my small space (Booth 800/801 and... I forget the third number). Our big news is on July 2 we will be in a new 10x10 location just a few feet down from the cash desk. For now, we're in my original 5x10 booth, and we're loading it up with cool stuff. Oh -- and before anyone gets too excited, that crazy painting of the tower with the clock in the spectacular gold frame SOLD just minutes after we all left the AntMall Wednesday afternoon.

Yeah, this painting of a tower with a real clock set into the painting... buh-bye.

Tomorrow, Nancy and I will be adding items to the walls. We scored a pile of pegboard hooks and frame hangers on Thursday at Flim Flam in Brantford (my all-time favourite art and bead findings supply store that's sadly, heartbreakingly going out of business, and they're selling everything to the walls). Over the summer and fall, we'll be scouring estate sales and garage sales to find new goodies. 

Meanwhile, on other fronts, here's a little seed bead "sketch" of a pewter skull bracelet or choker design -- most likely both -- that I think is a keeper. It'd make a great anklet if anyone is interested.

Here are the finished the antique glass necklaces (I believe the beads are from Afghanistan) -- blue tube beads with coloured spots -- that I put together for Brenda, my fellow vendor, who has Showcase 861. She's got great sterling silver pendants and spectacular semi-precious silver rings all at incredible prices. You gotta check her out. 

 Thanks for looking!

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