Saturday 21 June 2014

2-Part Silicon Mould & Paper Clay Class...

Last Monday, I attended the Grand River Bead Society class taught by Cindy Goldrick to learn how to make 2-part silicon moulds and use paper clay to make an object. I talked at length with Pearl Blay. Pearl's instructions are great so I won't repeat them here, but check them out on her blog, The Beading Gem's Journal. I highly recommend you sign up to receive her newsletter.

Here is what I made, with a vintage copper bird medallion (the same one that was used as an example in Pearl's pictures).

It's not until after you mess up... I mean MAKE your first one that you realise that it's good to listen to the directions, tips and tricks. Pearl was right -- waaay too much talking and bead trading, buying and selling and eating was going on. While this looks okaaaaaay... it's very fat and lumpy and doesn't lie flat at all. One of the beauties of the paper clay is that it can be filed and sanded. 

But what a cool technique. I can't believe I haven't played with moulds before. 

Thanks for looking!

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