Monday 12 May 2014

New Antique Mall Pix & The Max Memorial Garden

Here are the new items in my half booth (800) at the One of a Kind Antique Mall, located in Woodstock, Ontario. I know it looks pretty paltry, but I've put over 100 items in here in the past six months and sold over 20 items.

Three-panel wrought iron screen with birds on twigs, 1920s brass bridge lamp with a seahorse design, 2 wrought iron jewellery racks, which will also stand flat on a table.

Back row, L to R: large aluminum stock pot; large aluminum kettle; stoneware "whisky" jug with hand-carved wooden plug; green and brown glass jugs;
Front row, L to R: tin lined copper pot w/lid, brass handles; tin lined copper bottomed saute pan with brass handle; large stoneware mixing bowl with dark brown glaze; stoneware bean pot w/lid; stoneware crock; tin red apple shaped container; set of 4 pink and black glazed ceramic bowls; small 1970s COPCO Michael Lax enameled cast iron casserole dish.

Current iteration of the showcase (ditto 800) located on your right when you walk through the main floor door.

Left side of the display case:

Right side of the showcase:

The beginning of the Max Memorial Garden. Hard to believe that I had to have the heat on this morning and now the door and windows are all wide open. Of course it's also letting in a really gross field smell... like something died. Welcome to life in the country.

That's Mombird's nest up there on top of the lamp. Dunno where she got to. I hope she's not afraid of the door being open. Nope -- just checked. She's back. Whew!

Feel free to ask if something catches your eye and you'd like to see more pictures or would like to have something designed. Leave a message here, or email me.

Thanks for looking!

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