Thursday 8 May 2014

bROOMcloset -- Ask & Ye Shall Receive...

It's GEM EXPO TIME... well, almost -- it's coming up fast in July. Today, I booked my usual Eco bROOMcloset at the Strathcona --

-- yeah, well, it's tiny and cute, and when I close my eyes I don't even know the difference between it and a real room -- and just about had a heart attack. Rates have gone waaaay up since last summer.

One of the advantages of getting old(er) is a little thing called the senior discount. And for some reason they are kicking in at a lower and lower age, you can get some discounts as early as 50, and many more start at 55. Not that I've been 55 for a few years, but... anyway.

I do the online booking thing and get my receipt emailed back. Recovering from my heart attack, I email the hotel back to ask if my usual senior discount has been included. Ravi emails me back within minutes with an adjusted invoice. I ended up getting almost a $50 discount. It always pays to ask. If I'm reeeeally lucky, I might get an upgrade on checkin.

I love the Strath and here's why:

Retro decor:

Ice cold Alexander Keith's awaiting me every evening downstairs in the Strath Pub:

Coconut shrimp with extra sauce ('cause I asked):

More ice cold Alexander Keith's, although now I get the half-pint:

Really fine burgieham flips and another AK:

A burgieham flip, you ask? Back in the '70s, in lieu of actually working, my pal Rob and I would hang out in the plate room and swap syllables (not spit) to try and come up with better-sounding words. This was one that stuck.

I so look forward to all of this and more (new friends, beads, old friends, beads, vendor pals, beads and fascinating conversations!) when I do the Gem Expo.

Thanks for looking, and see you in July -- 25, 26, 27 -- The Gem Expo, Hyatt-Regency, King Street, Toronto!

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