Tuesday 30 October 2012

Some Bead Show pictures...

Emphasis on the word "some". My camera has decided not to download pictures to the computer. The computer does its "ka-dunk" sound and the camera turns itself off when I try. It worked fine yesterday morning to get these pictures off the camera, but the pictures I took for over an hour yesterday afternoon of all the matte lapis, Afghanistan and Tibetan turquoise and coin silver beads that I bought there? Still locked in the camera. Maybe I'll scan some pictures and at least give you an idea of what I have. Sigh............ back to primitive pre-digital camera technology. So much for cameras worth hundreds of dollars. Maybe that's why, when I bought it, the guy talked me into a 2-year repair/replacement warranty -- in fact he said, "Oh, we don't repair cameras anymore. We'll just give you another one." It's only 18 months old! This is madness, the world we live in now.

Anyway, back to the relatively sane world of bead addiction. Pictures from the Grand River Bead Society Bead Show in Guelph:

Lynn McLean, visual merchandiser, working her magic on my table. She's also trying to organise me at home. This is her business and she's GOOD. In fact, I was told by one of the show organisers that my table looked a whole lot better than last year. Uh... thanks, I think.
Me. Sleep deprived to the max and doing things I should have done weeks ago.

Next year, I want to use risers to get the table level up.
On the other hand, that means that it will be difficult to get at the beads on the grids.
Lynn didn't stop tweaking the table the whole two days.
Kalimantan glass beads, old chevrons and African sandcast beads.

Kingman boulder rondelles, rounds, Kingman blue rondelles and rounds, Sleeping Beauty nuggets and large blueblueblue Kingman nuggets...
Chinese saucers, Hubei rounds, Ma'an Shan nuggets, Campo Frio, Pinto and Castle Dome,
more large blueblueblue Kingman nuggets...

A display case of large turquoise nugget strings.
The postcard photo shows the young man with a joclaw at the bottom of his necklace.

Another show done and gone. Now to get everything online. Once I get a functioning camera I'll get the new pix online. Email me if you see anything here you're interested in.

Thanks for looking!


Nelson Beads said...

Wow, Barbara, I can't believe how much stuff you have. How long does it take you to set up your tables?

Nelson Beads said...
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Barbara said...

Just under an hour. Tweaking on the other hand lasts forever.

Everything is preloaded onto boards and curtain rods and goes onto the table in a particular order, reverse to pack up -- and everything has a fixed home in a particular box, bag or bin.

I have way too much stuff, but I if I leave something at home, it's guaranteed someone will ask for it.

Barbara said...


Step by step to set up the table...