Wednesday 31 October 2012

Melon-cut quartz rondelles...

Yay, found out that it was probably buggy software that caused my camera to crap out on me. I bought a card reader and that has done the trick very neatly. I like the camera just fine -- Kodak -- but, uh... yoo hoo, guys? Your software is buggy as batshit and the fact that there is no way to get hold of you is not a good way to conduct business.

BUT... I am back in my business. First photo of first beads. I got melon-cut quartz rondelles at the bead show on the weekend. Only two strings, alas, so I will be selling these by the each -- and coming soon in a necklace or earrings or bracelet near you. Seriously, they are cute little things.

Interesting -- you can see the cut lines better in the reflection -- a nifty little photography trick I thought I'd pass along... especially given I just now invented how to do this.  
Yay to the guy at Staples for helping me out and explaining things so I understand. I also made his day -- he'd never heard of the things my camera was doing. My computer guy says the same thing: whenever I come tearing in in a major panic, Anibal tells me he learns something new he never knew before about computers because mine is always doing something completely different.

Thanks for looking!

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Nelson Beads said...

Great news! So glad you got your camera to work. Mine is starting to cause problems, and I can't afford a new camera right now.

Those are pretty beads.