Wednesday 19 October 2011

Bead show a great success

Yes, the Grand River Bead Society bead show on the weekend (Oct 15-16) was a total hoot. I will be signing up for two tables next year, and I hope have my back against a wall. I met so many interesting people I never otherwise would have encountered. It was so great to not have to pack everything up on Saturday night, just walk away, and except for the fact I had to rush home and type for several hours and then get up at 5:30 a.m. and type some more before I drove back to Guelph, it was nice to just walk in at 9:30, flip the cover off and be ready to go for the 10 a.m. opening.

Here are a silver and turquoise earrings and bracelet set and some of the copper squiggle earrings that I was playing with for the show. I made a pile just of earwires, too, but nobody wanted to pay for them: they're expensive little suckers to make in materials and time. But they do look so nice when they're all made up. At least I think so.

Here are some of the goodies I bought at the show. Normally I don't buy dyed stones, but these druzies and raw ruby fuschite (not dyed) are so purty. Got these and some stunning feathers from The Bead Boutique in Kitchener. The carved yellow face beads are probably dyed serpentine, not yellow jade as labelled, but still very cool. The skull beads are from Iguana Beads in Cambridge.

I didn't spend everything, and have the start of my stash to I hope go to the Toronto Oasis Bead Show coming up on the 21st-23rd and/or the Toronto Bead Society Show, 5-6 November, but definitely for sure I'll be going to the London Gem & Mineral Show, 19-20 November.

Time for my second cup of coffee and get to work. Bonus was finding ginkgo biloba trees lining the parking lot at the hotel in Guelph, so I will be starting a batch of PMC silver leaves today.

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